A Day in the Life at Hyrba: Serving the Sunset District and Beyond

Morning: Opening the Dispensary

As I arrive at Hyrba’s cannabis dispensary in the Outer Sunset, the fog is just beginning to lift. It’s 8:30 AM, and I’m ready to start another exciting day serving our community. After unlocking the doors, I begin my opening routine:

  • Check inventory levels
  • Ensure all products are properly labeled
  • Clean display cases and counters
  • Set up point-of-sale systems

By 9:00 AM, we’re open for business, ready to assist customers from Parkside, Golden Gate Heights, and beyond.

Midday: Customer Interactions

The lunch hour brings a steady stream of clients. Many are regulars from the Inner Sunset and Inner Parkside areas, but we also see new faces curious about our products. I spend time educating customers on different strains, consumption methods, and potential effects.

One highlight of my day is helping a first-time customer find the perfect product for their needs. It’s rewarding to share knowledge and see the positive impact we can have on people’s lives.

Afternoon: Community Outreach

After lunch, I take some time to work on our community outreach initiatives. Hyrba is committed to being a responsible member of the Sunset District community. Today, I’m planning an educational seminar on the medicinal benefits of cannabis for seniors in the area.

Evening: Closing Up Shop

As the day winds down, I ensure all transactions are properly recorded and begin the closing procedures. It’s been another fulfilling day at Hyrba, knowing we’ve provided safe, legal access to cannabis products for our neighbors in the Sunset District and surrounding areas.

Before heading home, I take a moment to appreciate the beautiful sunset over Ocean Beach – a perfect end to another day at Hyrba.

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